Advanced Steam Training
Kirsner Consulting Engineering

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I. Fundamentals of Trap Testing.
  • Why temperature measurement doesnt work to find blowing traps.
  • Distinguishing between Live vs. Flash Steam--why it's difficult.
  • "Walk-through" trap checks on main drips using:.
    • Heat Crayons, heat sensitive labels, IF Gun—Demos.
    • Automatic trap sensing.
  • Bench testing steam traps

II. Infra-Red Gun Temperature Measurements—what you have to know to get a correct measurement…

  • Principal of Operation
  • Emissivity and F.O.V
  • Correcting for Emissivity
  • Why I.F. Guns can detect a blocked Trap, but not a blowing trap.

III. Why Flanged Gasketed Steam Joints Leak

  • How a gasket, bolts, and flanges are supposed to work
  • What the gasket does
  • Why properly torquing the bolts is paramount
  • Investigation of a leaking steam joint

IV. Principles of Executing a Safe System Warm-up

  • Why is start-up dangerous.
  • Finding the low spot and critical trap--the TSU Tunnel Example.
  • Calculating trap capacity at off-design conditions
  • How fast can you warm-up the system.
  • Checking expansion joints and anchors.
  • Confined space issues

Other Special Topics

V. Superheated Steam--what is it and why is it more dangerous than saturated Steam. Why is high temp water or condensate more dangerous than both! What its take to cause a 3rd degree burn?

VI. Water Hammer In Condensate Systems

VII. Common Design Errors in Steam Systems

  • Configuring trap piping for easy testing
  • The need for pressure gauges
  • Cast iron vs Steel Valves
  • What you should check for in a Good Set of Engineering Drawings

VllI. Proper piping of steam coils to avoid freezing and water hammer.

XI. Why Flooded Steam manholes are dangerous

X. Why maintaining steam main insulation is more that an energy conservation issue

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